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This class involves ten sessions over the course of three weeks, for a total of ten hours of virtual classroom experience. You will have opportunities to practice conversation with fellow students and the instructor. This includes developing interview, critical thinking and conversational skills. The class will also focus on improving English vocabulary and phrases used in job interviews and social situations.
What happens in your body when you are under stress? Discover how stress can be both a lifesaver and a life-taker. Learn how to access the power of your HEALER WITHIN. Get to know the foundations of a HEALTHY BALANCE. Join me!
Donald P.
Language > English
Ended: Dec 28, 2011 at 06:30 am EST
This class will discuss business presentations. Students will learn how to build presentations, how to present information in a formal, professional setting, and to share experiences in public speaking. Students can also expect to share best practices, cultural differences and audience management techniques with the class.
The Effective Communications webinar is a preview of TAG's Effective Communication Skills for Technology Professionals training program. In this initial presentation participants will: --- Understand the decision-making process. --- Be better equipped to read decision-makers during the decision making process. --- Understand how to establish openness and maintain respect during the decision-making process. These are the critical communication components for technology and other professionals seeking to gain commitments from others.
Organizations clearly assign full responsibility for career growth to each individual employee. Yet, how does an employee take control of and plan for his/her own future? This webinar takes participants through a deceptively simple process useful in developing a personal career path. During the session, each activity in the 4 step process will be discussed with many examples given to illustrate actions that can be taken to achieve each step. Participants will complete this webinar with a model to follow in managing their own career paths and those of others.