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Milton, Canada
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I am an energetic and dynamic leader in the understanding of the ever-shifting human emotions around career coaching and life leadership guidance. I can offer you intuitive insights towards self realization and development through optimal personal success.

As a published Author and a guest on Passionate Talk podcast, Mindalia TV/ Radio I have shared my awareness and experience on important topics such as self development and gratitude. As the author of 'The Gratitude Affirmations' & 'The Dragonfly Effect' - Finding Your Inner Strength, Clarity and Wisdom, I am well immersed in the world of self-growth and wellbeing.
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I have years of experience working with students with learning disabilities as well as coaching and mentoring people of all ages in the areas of life leadership, relationships, career, goal setting and achieving and more!

I am well immersed in the world of energy healing as well as personal development. As a published Author, blogger and influencer I have shared my wisdom and motivation with many and continue to do so because my passion in help and serve humanity live better.

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I have been in the field of education for over 10 years. I am looking at beginning my own tutoring company, Tutor Wise, in the fall. I understand that building a business can be challenging. Therefore, I have signed up for a Learn it Live account to learn more about the fundamentals of using social media to build a business, current issues in education, and career coaching. I look forward to this exciting opportunity!
Atlanta/Georgia, USA
I am a Psychic Medium, Crystal Reiki/Chakra/Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Radio Host, YouTuber, Registered Nurse, Budding Author in th eprocess of writing 3 books, as well as a Mama to wonderful sons; My eldest who is 23 & a Proud Advocate & Member of the LGBTQ Community & My Youngest, who is 21 & has severe Autism. I'm in the midst of growing My Business as well as My Community, with 2 quickly growing new Groups on Facebook, called The Angel Rocker Tribe & Paranormal University. I also have a YouTube Channel & My Radio Show called 'The Angel Rocvk with Lorilei Potvin". I love to meet like-minded People & friends on Social Media & consider Myself a life-long learner. I'm also quite knowledgeable about The PAranormal as We;ve lived through severe PAranormal Activity in Our own home for almost 11 years & Our Story was recently featured on this 4th Season, of Paranormal Survivor, Episode 9, on TV. Another area of interest of Mine is working with Children, to help them better understand & learn about their Psychic Gifts asboth of My sons have very strong Psychic Abilities, which I have heled Them learn all about growing up. <3 <3 <3
Thunder Bay, CAN
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