Channel Source and Soothe Your Soul

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Tue Feb 21 at 09:30 pm EDT
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Are you feeling stuck, lonely, confused. Looking for answers and finding some but still feeling something is missing? Have you wanted to work with angels but been unable to receive any messages? Are you wanting to go deeper, farther, faster in your spiritual knowledge of the afterlife and your Soul?

These sessions are designed to help you answer these questions and more, and heal your soul. Heal your connection to your divine source energy.

Feeling stuck is a sign you need to consult and understand a deeper meaning to the situation. When ...See All
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In this class I shared information on what it means to channel. How you already are channeling your source. How this is a natural ability we all share. Channeling source can be used for energy healing, writing, painting, creating projects. Learn how to recognize when you are receiving divine guidance.

The channeled healing for this session was led by Mother Mary. She also introduced Archangel Raphael, Jesus, and St Germain to share their vibration and gifts. She leads you to the vibration of your soul and asks you to pick an Angel of Creativity to help ...See All
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    Tue Feb 21 at 09:30 pm EDT
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Channel Source and Soothe Your Soul
90 Minute Session
Tue Feb 21 at 08:00 pm EDT
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Greetings! My name is Maggie Chula. I am a Healer of the Soul, Psychic Channel and Master Teacher of Akashic Wisdom. I work with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddess vibrations, and many other Akashic Master Teachers. My goal is to help share their wisdom and expand the human conscious understanding, we are all divine beings. Part of the Universal Source energy of God. I can help you connect to Source vibration and dialogue with the many beings of light who make up your Council of Light. These beings are here to help you learn how to create your life in harmony with your Soul Wisdom and enjoy divine health and wellbeing here on Earth, right now.
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