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Fri Dec 9 at 02:00 am CEST
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This class is designed to help you become more aware of your own intuition, how it shows up, how to work with it to get information when you need it, and how to strengthen it and use it to help you have a bit more ease and confidence everyday.

It does not matter if you are already familiar with intiuition or if you are quite familiar with it, there will be something for everyone in this class.
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    Fri Dec 9 at 02:00 am CEST
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Tapping In An Introduction
60 Minute Session
Fri Dec 9 at 01:00 am CEST
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Donna Martuge is an Educator, International Speaker, Strategic Intervention Coach, and best selling author, who has touched thousands of lives with inspiration, and dynamic, tools to help create change. For over twenty years, Donna has been inviting people to reach for more, recognize their potential and exceed any goals they would like to meet. She recognizes that many set their limits lower then what they are capable of creating. It is this awareness that drives her to teach and empower others. Formally trained in psychology, special education, behavior, leadership and training in many alternative healing and coaching modalities, she has a completely different approach to facilitating people to acknowledge their abilities and strengths. She works in the field of Special Education Administration, and has worked in a variety of roles throughout her career including teacher, school psychologist, and Instructor at colleges and Universities, including her alum Fordham University in New York. Her awareness is, creating a life you love is easier than many imagine. A world where people have the possibility of contributing by using their talents, creates a world where their is more joy and sense of fulfillment. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or organization the tools she offers applies. Donna Martuge has a gift for seeing where an individual, group, or system keeps themselves stuck. Utilizing strategic interventions, and results focused coaching she assists her clients in becoming aware of where they are keeping themselves stuck and is and what they need to do differently to get the results they desire. The results are clear, and measureable so her clients can see and celebrate their transformation.
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