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Tue Oct 25 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Ghosts? Trapped spirits? Poltergeists? Energy patterns? What are the differences among these things? How does one become a ghost but more importantly how does one make sure they donâ檛 end up a ghost. This class covers this information as well as answering your questions about ghost clearing, exorcism and other such topics. Dr Kevin did his first ghost clearing in the 1970â檚. Since then he has helped hundreds of ghost move back into their incarnational cycle & stop being trapped. He will share some real life stories during the class.
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    Tue Oct 25 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Ghost: The untold story
90 Minute Session
Tue Oct 25 at 02:30 pm EDT
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Best selling author, speaker, teacher, mentor and radio personality, over the last thirty years, Dr. Kevin has been an early innovator in both the business and private sectors. Throughout the late seventies and eighties, he introduced the importance of formalized training for all levels of employees and wrote then implemented formalized training systems in multiple industries. He then created communication programs and critical thinking based management development programs. Moving into the personal growth, human potential, and alternative health fields in the early nineties he was one of the first to not only introduce the concept of coaching into his practice but one of the only ones to seamlessly integrate coaching and counseling as a single process. He has studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and healing systems and assimilated them into his work. In 2000, his groundbreaking, award-winning book Managing The Gift: Alternatives Approaches For Attentions Deficit Disorder, introduced the idea of ADD/ADHD as an evolutionary process not a disability. He teaches five times a year at an MBA level boot camp for growing and emerging business owners. He speaks throughout the US and Europe on the importance of alternative choices in healthcare, spiritual development and maximizing human potential. He has over a dozen books, DVD’s and CD’s out, a movie has had a radio show (The Dr Kevin Show) for over a dozen years and now a TV show (Web Of Light). He lives in Nashua NH with his partner Jeff and an irascible cat named Maharajah (Raj) who keeps things interesting.
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