The angels guide and protect us in the game of life, while making a run for the end zone when we need help scoring a touchdown. Imagine how much easier their jobs (and our lives) would be if we knew how to listen! In this introductory session with the Angelic Dream Team, we meet Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, for a mix of theory and psychic meditation. Download the intro to Regina's Chakra Healing eBook at and begin with the grounding tools in Chapter 1 to prepare for this angelic adventure!
Is your life spiraling in the direction that you don't wish to go? Stop for a minute. Breathe. I was once like that- feeling like a top, spinning out of control. But I found a way out...a way into miracles, synchronicities and daily divine inspiration. I am no different from any one of you; all I did was listen to my gut, my inner voice, my intuition...whatever you wish to call it. I want to help you find a way out of your struggles. I want to help you connect to your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM and experience the daily miracles that I do. Are you ready? Join me for this 30 minutes of Discussion, Meditation and Interaction. Website: Facebook Page: Instagram: adventures The workshop will be LIVE (Recorded) with plenty of interaction and "Spiritual Awesomeness" with Marc... In this FREE Webinar, you will get to know Marc Lainhart just a little bit better and the upcoming Webinars rolling out in 2016! How Marc's spiritual journey unfolded Why Marc does the work for spirit? How Marc works as a modern day Spiritual-Medium and Metaphysical Teacher Upcoming schedule of courses and LIVE webinars with Marc Marc will share some of his personal training, stories, and mentoring as you explore and discover through Body, Mind, and Spirit as a "Spiritual Prospector," on a quest for your own "Spiritual Gold!" *How to Build a "Spiritual Sandwich" *The Power of Attunement, Energy, and Meditations *Spiritual Inspiration exercises
Highly sensitive people, and empaths can use symbology, numerology, and chakras to reflect the energetic currents that are flowing and the energetic signature they are holding. When you see the feelings and beliefs which are limiting you, the reflection will present the opportunity for course correction and a new perspective. What I teach is not meant to instruct you on how to connect with any power source outside of yourself or to forecast the future. It is a method to give you a prompt so that you may explore your own energy field, and the beliefs and emotions you are holding. Once recognized you have to ability to course correct, change your mind, empower yourself and live with greater ease. I'll teach you how to use the tarot for introspection and then you have a tool for your use and also one to teach and empower your clients. Early Bird discount: get 50% off this class when you register by July 21, use code DYMFUQSQ
This introductory course will include an activation to help you receive and make the most of the Lion's Gate energies. In addition, I'll provide a brief reading for everyone in the session.
We are taking a dramatic and powerful leap into higher dimensions RIGHT NOW! Are you ready? What does this mean for us? In this class we'll talk about how this new energy is activated, what to expect, and how to use it to your greatest and highest advantage. We'll also have a light language activation of these energies to help you process them to your greatest advantage and highest spiritual purpose.
Enjoy a taste of the practical, light-hearted approach that has won professional astrologer Kathy Biehl fans at OM Times, Astrology Hub and her own site, You'll learn some of the multiple ways you can use astrology. (It's not just sun sign horoscopes!) Get a preview of her upcoming talks and classes. Find out why she's called the Professional Aquarian. And have the opportunity for Q&A.
VIBRATIONAL MEDITATIONS & PRACTICE FOR THE AURA, CHAKRA'S AND HUMAN ENERGY FIELD (HEF) LIVE CLASSES SCHEDULED FOR: August 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 24th TIME: 2pm PST / 3pm MT / 4pm CST / 5pm EST COST: $10 for 60 minutes of guided meditation, practice, and metaphysical studies with teacher: MARC LAINHART REGISTRATION LINK:
Join Maggie and the Akashic Master Teachers as they introduce you to the Akashic Vibration Process. Learn about the difference skills and tools you will find as you access your own akashic vibration. Discover how this transformational process is open and available to you. Become aware of the Council of Light that is ever present in your life. This dynamic course is designed to help you learn how to become a clear and open channel of love and light. Along the way heal every aspect of your being and know you are creating your life in alignment with the light of your soul.
Get ready for Mercury retrograde, when talk, technology and travel veer from their usual courses. The next one is August 30 - September 22. OM Times expert & professional astrologer Kathy Biehl will give you tips and techniques to make the most of it. You will learn: * How-tos for any Mercury retrograde * How this retrograde is cleaning up the past 12 months * Where and how this retrograde is likely to affect your life.
7 Day Self Mastery Challenge - unlocking ancient wisdom of Tarot as as personal spiritual guidance tool. This Challenge will inspire, ignite & invigorate your intuitive development & well being. The sacred invitation of the Tarot is of Self discovery.Using Tarot as a personal Spiritual Guidance tool is why this practice is different than other classes, The archetypal imagery & deep intuitive guidance through the symbology provides an opening into uncovering the SoulSelf. Every insight, connection and impression made uncovers yet another layer into you eventually revealing Self Mastery. Tarot is the gateway, opening & KEY to you. This challenge will align you with your purpose, attune you to the practice of patience, trust & insight using ancient wisdom for modern living.
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The end of 2016 will be vastly different from the rest of it. This class gives navigational tools that explain where we've been and where we're heading. You will learn: * Where the turmoil and upheaval of the last four years have deposited us * What is stabilizing * What is gearing up for more change (yes)(yikes) - and of course * What this means for you.
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