Tarot Reading 101 breaks down the meanings and symbolism of traditional tarot decks (as opposed to oracle cards) for easier understanding and interpretation. This class is comprised of two parts. In the first half, we'll look at the cards themselves. In the second half, we'll talk about interpreting the cards and how to conduct a reading, whether we're conducting that reading for ourselves or for others.
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We can feel disempowered when busy daily activity requires our attention. World news can create an energy of unease but we don't need to choose to get caught!
Yes, the multiverse is real: we live in a universe of multiple dimensions that sometimes include multiple earths (and multiple interstellar dimensions). That means other beings are also real, from humans living simultaneous lives in other dimensions (and not strictly human lives) to aliens (yes, aliens), to the Quinnich Nation (what we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot, which is why no one ever sees them), and DRAGONS. Learn about the multiverse, how to connect to multidimensional beings, and how NOT to travel there. It is fun, mysterious, and absolutely positively true.
Humans live in a world that does not exist, one that says we are guardians and caretakers in charge of the world. Instead, the world is a congregation of equals, where everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and opinions. Learn how to grow, heal, and thrive in this mindset which allows us to connect with a supportive, generous universe and to cooperate with all life for the welfare of our conscious, evolving planet. You will move more easily in the world, from tapping your intuition and creativity to living with a newfound confidence and comfort.
We are innately intuitives and healers. That�s the good part. What�s better? We can attract and work with intuitive partners to boost our health, intuition, self-confidence, and prosperity. Our intuitive partners can be animals, other people, nature, our home and business spaces, crystals, ritual tools � the list goes on. Learn how to identify and work with your intuitive partners to help you be the best you can be (and help them as well).
Learn how to work and heal with crystals using practical tips and your own intuitive know-how. We will cover mindset and intention; how to choose and buy crystals; what is involved in clearing them (and keeping them clear); how to partner with them for best results; specific crystals for grounding, protection, clearing, and healing; routine handling; and more. Bring a crystal to work with in the webinar, preferably a clear or white quartz. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to achieve and deepen a healthy working relationship with crystals.
Do our animals reincarnate with us? Yes, no, and maybe. Learn how and why they do (or do not) and what that means for us, and for them, as multi-species families. We will discuss soul purpose, soul growth, what animals experience in the afterlife, how to prepare them and yourself for their deaths, and how to connect with them in the afterlife to find out what their next choice is. With true stories!
At times we have an unbearable longing to go home, and we realize it means another planet or dimension. No, you are not crazy: you are remembering our ancient origins and the reality (not the myth) of Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn what really happened in our ancient past, how we are connected to it, and what we can do to claim home here, where we chose to be, as part of a group of interstellar beings who created a new planet of equality and opportunity. And then lost it to the cataclysm.
Start to heal your grief by understanding how the afterlife works and creating a ritual to connect with your beloved dead, human or animal. Covers understanding signs and symbols, identifying your strongest intuitive ability to facilitate connection, tips to resolving grief, creating rituals, and a meditation that will be a straightforward, loving conversation with your dead. Participants will be able to ask questions, and Robyn may briefly connect to deceased loved ones of some attendees, no guarantees. An opportunity to understand what happens in the afterlife, and how we can all connect to our loved ones.
LET'S GO PROSPECTING SHALL WE... This class with focus on level 3 and the power of spiritual consciousness and connection. Join Metaphysical teacher and professional Spiritual Psychic Medium, Marc Lainhart - The Intuitive Prospector for an hour of Spiritual Awesomeness! Marc Lainhart is an internationally distinguished, and tested Spiritual Psychic-Medium. Marc's work as a Radio Show Host, Hiking Guide, Certified Scuba Diver, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, Certified Healthcare Provider, and Writer are to serve, heal, guide, teach, transform, and inspire others in connecting to spirit, self, and this wonderful world around us! With his own Near Death Experience (NDE) and several personal tragedies, Marc has spent the last several years deciphering and demystifying the sensational subject matter of death and dying, and now strives to help others from around the world tap into and flex their own intuitive muscles and abilities... Spiritual Prospecting for Spiritual Gold! Registration is $20 Use Prospecting Discount Code: CD37YFWS for 10% off the class (Limited to first 5 Prospectors until August 29th, 2017) LearnItLive.com/souladventures Or experts.omtimes.com/souladventures More Information at: MarcLainhart.com Turn up your ears. Turn down your mouth. Shut off your mind. Open up your heart. Let the loudness of life be replaced with the quietness and peace of the universe and the guidance and knowledge of spirit. ~Marc Lainhart
Grief comes to everyone at one time or another. Age doesn't isolate us, nor does our species. We share in this emotion. We work through the stages of grief in our own way. Grief works as a spiritual teacher to help us expand our awareness of love and compassion. Bring your grief, feel safe and supported as you experience a guided healing meditation designed to help you accept the lessons and release the heaviness and pain of grief
Looking at experiences with discernment & not falling into the karmic field of reference allows us to come back into communication with the wisdom of the heart. Should we choose the easiest way? Why are experiences of low self-worth so common in life? How can we understand and be free of karma? What is this course about? In this compelling 45 minute seminar that concludes with a musical meditation, we will discover together how it is possible to see things as they really are, and, rather than continuing with repetitive negative behaviors, create the awareness within to transform attachments to karma. Who is this course for? This course if for anyone, young and old alike, no matter what walk of life, who is interested in the following Topics that will be touched upon: Self-Worth Detachment Negative Behaviours Self-Recognition The Karmic Field Life Experience Laws of the Universe Transformation What are the benefits I can take from this course? When life is flowing smoothly, happiness seems to be easy to find, yet when we face the challenges of more difficult times, we often forget about the simple steps that we can all take to create a long-lasting sense of inner peace and well-being. Why do I need this course? Choosing this course will allow you to discover who you really are, and so continue the journey of moving beyond the mundane aspects of life. "I would like to share with you that personal growth is not just about the self, rather it is about growing in a heartfelt and conscious way. It's about challenging old paradigms that still divide us, and instead move in a collective way beyond petty ideas of borders, nationalities, differences and religions. It's about creating a better world and a better future for humanity. It all starts when you make a clear choice to make a difference in your life and invite a friend to do the same." - Tony Samara - Looking forward to having you join Tony Samara for Transforming Problematic Karma on Friday, 9th June 2017. NB: Due to the internet connection where we will be broadcasting from, this seminar will be audio only. We thank you for your understanding.
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