Feng Shui Your Mind-Body-Spirit Flow Into Health & Wealth: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life! A Powerful Way to Manifest Unlimited Joy, Abundance, Success and Love Instead of feeling stuck in old patterns where nothing ever changes, imagine a world in which you can create your every heart's desire with ease, joy and a good dose of laughter! Through this course you will reconnect with your power to transcend fear, doubt, judgment, hopelessness, negativity and regret. By tapping into your mind-body-spirit connection and the infinite wisdom of Feng Shui, you will discover your unlimited capacity to create optimal health; abundant wealth and prosperity; juicy, loving relationships; career success; clear life purpose; clarity and confidence in yourself; and unconditional self-love. Learn How Easy it is to Generate Maximum Success Through Minimal Effort in Every Area of Your Life. *Apply the timeless principles and practices of Feng Shui to harness the power of the mind-body-spirit connection to create your reality *Recognize your inner fountain of youth, your body's wisdom and innate healing capacity for optimal wellness and vibrancy *Reclaim your freedom to create the life you love, no longer at the mercy of any external situation, person, place or past experiences *Leverage your energy and power to move through life with ease, balance, grace, enthusiasm and love *Receive the benefit and insight of TWO dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced instructors with a gift for make learning fun and high-vibrational. We offer a simple, proven, four-step process to apply the ancient technique of Feng Shui to the mind, body and spirit that will transform your life. In just four easy steps--declutter, envision, position and attract--you will discover how to harmonize your energy with the energy of nature and elements. And the results are amazing! Doors open, opportunities arise, and life feels truly magical! Through our easy, fun, simple practices, you will feel the shift from stressed to blessed--right away! Our course is a mixture of practical and easy steps, irreverent humor, joy and play, and divine wisdom. Receive ultimate value from the expertise of TWO dynamic, high-energy holistic professionals, with decades of experience, who are totally passionate about guiding people to greater joy, abundance, success and love. Jill Lebeau (MS, MFT), author, spiritual psychotherapist, and inspirational speaker, is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to live with a peaceful, loving mind and an open heart, where they're free to tap into their greatest asset: the boundless wisdom, power and love of their true nature. Contact her today at JillLebeau@yahoo.com or go to www.FengShuiYourMind.com Michelle Dwyer (MS, CNC), holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant, loves to guide people to personal transformation and experience greater wellness, energy and vibrancy, and she empowers people to create optimal health in all aspects of their lives. Contact her today at Michelle@HealthCoachMichelle.com or www.HealthCoachMichelle.com What Makes This Course Amazing: *Tap into the unlimited power of nature as our teacher, revealing the unlimited power you have within your true nature *Experience the thrill of living out your life's purpose by creating an empowered, joyful, conscious life *Raise your vibration, in each moment, through using your mind-body-spirit connection to accelerate and proactively manifest your deepest desires *Create authentic connection on every level: within yourself, with others, with nature, with your divine spirit Think of the four steps as your magic wand! Following the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, this course is designed to help you clear away the old crap that is no longer serving you by decluttering any low-energy patterns, freeing you to envision the highest possibilities for your life, and then positioning the super-powers of the elements to attract all the wonderful opportunities that await you.
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In this class you will learn about the Akashic vibration. The vibration of the Universal source of God. The vibration of your Soul. You will learn a process to your Temple of Light. This process can be used and repeated as much as needed to become familiar with the Akashic Vibration. It will include the Mountain of Energy which corresponds with the chakras and leads you through the vibration of color into the vibration of the Akasha. Channeled healing message includes the path to the Akasha and an introduction to all primary tools. Healing will be done on your beliefs about using your intuitive skills and connecting to the light of your Divine Source.
Tarot & Archangels Class 1 The Major Arcana & Archangels Zadkiel Magician Raziel Hanged man Jophiel The Star Ariel The Lovers Haniel High Priestess Michael The World Metatron The Hierophant Why Archangels are the divine angels of the universe. Their magic & insight add to your Tarot selections. Their assistance adds additional insight, healing & clarity to your Guidance
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Do you get affected by other people's energies? Do people often comment that they feel better when they've been with you, but you are left feeling drained or exhausted? Without protection Sensitive people can easily feel drained, overwhelmed or burnt out energetically. This Angelic Protection webinar provides you with daily protection and clearing methods to keep your energy feeling replenished, centred and grounded. You will also discover which Archangels and Angels you need to call on so you can thrive rather than just survive as a Highly Sensitive Person!
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Connect with your Higher/Authentic Self to have more ease in your life and be in alignment with your path and purpose. During this class you will connect to your Higher Self through a guided process. Higher Self Alignments help you to feel more connected to Spirit/Source, have more ease in your day to day life, and help you to let go of past thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve you. You will receive new energies, frequencies, and vibrations to help you get unstuck and become unstoppable and inspire and empower you to move forward and create your new reality with more ease and grace. Experience what heaven feels like right here right now through your higher self alignments. If you feel drawn to connect with your Higher Self, join me in this class and experience this Divine connection.
The end of 2016 will be vastly different from the rest of it. This class gives navigational tools that explain where we've been and where we're heading. You will learn: * Where the turmoil and upheaval of the last four years have deposited us * What is stabilizing * What is gearing up for more change (yes)(yikes) - and of course * What this means for you.
7 Day Self Mastery Challenge - unlocking ancient wisdom of Tarot as as personal spiritual guidance tool. This Challenge will inspire, ignite & invigorate your intuitive development & well being. The sacred invitation of the Tarot is of Self discovery.Using Tarot as a personal Spiritual Guidance tool is why this practice is different than other classes, The archetypal imagery & deep intuitive guidance through the symbology provides an opening into uncovering the SoulSelf. Every insight, connection and impression made uncovers yet another layer into you eventually revealing Self Mastery. Tarot is the gateway, opening & KEY to you. This challenge will align you with your purpose, attune you to the practice of patience, trust & insight using ancient wisdom for modern living.
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Get ready for Mercury retrograde, when talk, technology and travel veer from their usual courses. The next one is August 30 - September 22. OM Times expert & professional astrologer Kathy Biehl will give you tips and techniques to make the most of it. You will learn: * How-tos for any Mercury retrograde * How this retrograde is cleaning up the past 12 months * Where and how this retrograde is likely to affect your life.
Join Maggie and the Akashic Master Teachers as they introduce you to the Akashic Vibration Process. Learn about the difference skills and tools you will find as you access your own akashic vibration. Discover how this transformational process is open and available to you. Become aware of the Council of Light that is ever present in your life. This dynamic course is designed to help you learn how to become a clear and open channel of love and light. Along the way heal every aspect of your being and know you are creating your life in alignment with the light of your soul.
VIBRATIONAL MEDITATIONS & PRACTICE FOR THE AURA, CHAKRA'S AND HUMAN ENERGY FIELD (HEF) LIVE CLASSES SCHEDULED FOR: August 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 24th TIME: 2pm PST / 3pm MT / 4pm CST / 5pm EST COST: $10 for 60 minutes of guided meditation, practice, and metaphysical studies with teacher: MARC LAINHART REGISTRATION LINK: www.learnitlive.com/souladventures
During this free class you will meet your Guardian Angel and learn how to communicate with them through the use of guided meditation. I will talk you through the process of stilling your mind, opening a space to invite your Guardian Angel to connect with you and begin to visualise your Angel, feel their presence and open up to whatever messages they have for you. If you feel drawn to connect with your Guardian Angel, join me for this free class and learn how.
Enjoy a taste of the practical, light-hearted approach that has won professional astrologer Kathy Biehl fans at OM Times, Astrology Hub and her own site, EmpowermentUnlimited.net. You'll learn some of the multiple ways you can use astrology. (It's not just sun sign horoscopes!) Get a preview of her upcoming talks and classes. Find out why she's called the Professional Aquarian. And have the opportunity for Q&A.
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