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"Religions are beliefs based on other peoples Soul Adventures and experiences...Spirituality is living, feeling, and experiencing your own Soul Adventure." ~The Intuitive Prospector People from around the world have discussed and philosophized for thousands of years on their connection to something greater than themselves, Gods, universe, reincarnation, something unseen, felt or more than meets the eyes for this concrete world we inhabit. Journey with Marc Lainhart The Intuitive Prospector as he Prospects with you in this series of one hour workshops and travel from the lower valleys of society expectations, belief systems, learned behaviors and world religions, to the majestic mountain tops of Spirituality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Self Awareness, and the true power and connection that is within. Through our own life experiences, we build and form the foundations on our notion of what spirituality really is. In many ways our beliefs and learned behaviors can drive our everyday reality, thoughts, judgments, and opinions. No right or wrong way to approach this subject of spiritual living, just a simple workshop focused on helping you see, feel, hear, sense, and guide you to the many inspiring and positive lessons and blessings of spirit we experience every single day here on earth. Looking for answers, new ideas and exercises, healthy living, guidance, direction, peace, meditation, and a deeper understanding of the world around you, then this is the workshop for you! Spiritual Prospecting for Spiritual Gold! A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside. - Robert Urich ~Happy Prospecting... The Intuitive Prospector� Wednesday Oct - 5th @ 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST Wednesday Oct - 12th @ 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST Wednesday Oct - 19th @ 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST Wednesday Oct - 26th @ 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST
Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Recorded: Oct 25, 2016 at 04:00 pm EST
Ghosts? Trapped spirits? Poltergeists? Energy patterns? What are the differences among these things? How does one become a ghost but more importantly how does one make sure they don’t end up a ghost. This class covers this information as well as answering your questions about ghost clearing, exorcism and other such topics. Dr Kevin did his first ghost clearing in the 1970’s. Since then he has helped hundreds of ghost move back into their incarnational cycle & stop being trapped. He will share some real life stories during the class.
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Through our dreams, we receive much pertinent information, designed to move us along our spiritual path. Learn how to interpret your dreams and how to program your dream state to achieve quicker and easier processing of your spiritual lessons. In part 2 we do actual dream interpretation and creation of your personal dream symbology book.
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The Awareness Workshop - Spiritual Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities Everything in the Universe is energy and all energy exists at different levels of vibration and frequency. In order to feel more at peace, in touch, connected, happier you can practice raising your vibration through this series of webinars with Metaphysical teacher, Psychic-Medium, Marc Lainhart. You will see the interconnectedness of all life when you change your vibration, change your frequency, change your thoughts! You will begin to see how you can change your life for the better and bring amazing experiences into your life! Make a choice, take a chance, watch the changes of your life unfold. Happy prospecting... The Intuitive Prospector
Teri Van Horn
Spirituality > Angels
Recorded: Sep 27, 2016 at 08:00 pm EST
This is your opportunity to get to know the Archangels one a one-to-one basis. Learn more about what they are here to assist us with & how to work with them, along with your own Guardian Angels to create a masterful life!
This class is geared specifically towards those who are healers (of any kinds), empaths and those individuals who are always there for everyone else. How many times have you felt drained after being around a certain person, or in a certain place? Chances are the answer is higher than you care to count. Learn to identify your own energy. Protect and shield your energy from unwanted intrusion. Also shielding supports & aids that can be used by you or just placed on you, around you or in your space Take back your life with simple yet powerful techniques!
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Lynn Zambrano
Recorded: Sep 25, 2016 at 08:45 pm EST
This is a small interactive support group for highly sensitive people and empaths. This discussion will be on how empaths are wired and why. As an empath, intuitive and a highly sensitive person living in today's world, you don't have an option to suppress, avoid or disconnect your emotions. If this were possible it would only lead to greater discomfort and suffering. Learn how to allow yourself to flow energetically knowing emotion will flow in, and now with your greater understanding you can simply acknowledge, allow and accept what comes and then release with increased ease and grace. Emotions come from you, and (because we are all connected) everybody else too. Now that emotion has come into your energetic field, you are given the task of processing emotions, and observing your thoughts in order to maintain a higher energetic frequency. This class has limited seats available. It is an interactive class, presenter lead where questions and discussion are encouraged.
Learn about your real power, the power to chose. Create goals. Take a checkpoint in time. Work with the Quantum Physics principle: if you know where you are, plus you know where you want to be, and you take action to get to your destination, you will arrive there. Channeled healing message includes the path to the Akasha using the Mountain of Energy. Vibrational healing includes a Soul Retrieval ritual.
Feng Shui Your Mind-Body-Spirit Flow Into Health & Wealth: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life! A Powerful Way to Manifest Unlimited Joy, Abundance, Success and Love Instead of feeling stuck in old patterns where nothing ever changes, imagine a world in which you can create your every heart's desire with ease, joy and a good dose of laughter! Through this course you will reconnect with your power to transcend fear, doubt, judgment, hopelessness, negativity and regret. By tapping into your mind-body-spirit connection and the infinite wisdom of Feng Shui, you will discover your unlimited capacity to create optimal health; abundant wealth and prosperity; juicy, loving relationships; career success; clear life purpose; clarity and confidence in yourself; and unconditional self-love. Learn How Easy it is to Generate Maximum Success Through Minimal Effort in Every Area of Your Life. *Apply the timeless principles and practices of Feng Shui to harness the power of the mind-body-spirit connection to create your reality *Recognize your inner fountain of youth, your body's wisdom and innate healing capacity for optimal wellness and vibrancy *Reclaim your freedom to create the life you love, no longer at the mercy of any external situation, person, place or past experiences *Leverage your energy and power to move through life with ease, balance, grace, enthusiasm and love *Receive the benefit and insight of TWO dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced instructors with a gift for make learning fun and high-vibrational. We offer a simple, proven, four-step process to apply the ancient technique of Feng Shui to the mind, body and spirit that will transform your life. In just four easy steps--declutter, envision, position and attract--you will discover how to harmonize your energy with the energy of nature and elements. And the results are amazing! Doors open, opportunities arise, and life feels truly magical! Through our easy, fun, simple practices, you will feel the shift from stressed to blessed--right away! Our course is a mixture of practical and easy steps, irreverent humor, joy and play, and divine wisdom. Receive ultimate value from the expertise of TWO dynamic, high-energy holistic professionals, with decades of experience, who are totally passionate about guiding people to greater joy, abundance, success and love. Jill Lebeau (MS, MFT), author, spiritual psychotherapist, and inspirational speaker, is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to live with a peaceful, loving mind and an open heart, where they're free to tap into their greatest asset: the boundless wisdom, power and love of their true nature. Contact her today at or go to Michelle Dwyer (MS, CNC), holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant, loves to guide people to personal transformation and experience greater wellness, energy and vibrancy, and she empowers people to create optimal health in all aspects of their lives. Contact her today at or What Makes This Course Amazing: *Tap into the unlimited power of nature as our teacher, revealing the unlimited power you have within your true nature *Experience the thrill of living out your life's purpose by creating an empowered, joyful, conscious life *Raise your vibration, in each moment, through using your mind-body-spirit connection to accelerate and proactively manifest your deepest desires *Create authentic connection on every level: within yourself, with others, with nature, with your divine spirit Think of the four steps as your magic wand! Following the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, this course is designed to help you clear away the old crap that is no longer serving you by decluttering any low-energy patterns, freeing you to envision the highest possibilities for your life, and then positioning the super-powers of the elements to attract all the wonderful opportunities that await you.
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In this class you will learn about the Akashic vibration. The vibration of the Universal source of God. The vibration of your Soul. You will learn a process to your Temple of Light. This process can be used and repeated as much as needed to become familiar with the Akashic Vibration. It will include the Mountain of Energy which corresponds with the chakras and leads you through the vibration of color into the vibration of the Akasha. Channeled healing message includes the path to the Akasha and an introduction to all primary tools. Healing will be done on your beliefs about using your intuitive skills and connecting to the light of your Divine Source.
Tonya Melendez
Recorded: Sep 12, 2016 at 09:30 pm EST
Tarot & Archangels Class 1 The Major Arcana & Archangels Zadkiel Magician Raziel Hanged man Jophiel The Star Ariel The Lovers Haniel High Priestess Michael The World Metatron The Hierophant Why Archangels are the divine angels of the universe. Their magic & insight add to your Tarot selections. Their assistance adds additional insight, healing & clarity to your Guidance
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Connect with your Higher/Authentic Self to have more ease in your life and be in alignment with your path and purpose. During this class you will connect to your Higher Self through a guided process. Higher Self Alignments help you to feel more connected to Spirit/Source, have more ease in your day to day life, and help you to let go of past thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve you. You will receive new energies, frequencies, and vibrations to help you get unstuck and become unstoppable and inspire and empower you to move forward and create your new reality with more ease and grace. Experience what heaven feels like right here right now through your higher self alignments. If you feel drawn to connect with your Higher Self, join me in this class and experience this Divine connection.
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