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In this free meditation you will connect with your beloved dead, human or animal, to get closure and help resolve your grief. The meditation will first help you get grounded and balanced, then find your own unique healing space to spiritually renew yourself in whenever you want. You will receive a spiritual gift that you can use on your own to connect with your deceased beloveds. In the meditation to connect with your dead you will be able to say goodbye, get a private message from them, and be at peace. You will be able to later use these techniques to connect with your dead on your own.
Start to heal your grief by understanding how the afterlife works and creating a ritual to connect with your beloved dead, human or animal. Covers understanding signs and symbols, identifying your strongest intuitive ability to facilitate connection, tips to resolving grief, creating rituals, and a meditation that will be a straightforward, loving conversation with your dead. Participants will be able to ask questions, and Robyn may briefly connect to deceased loved ones of some attendees, no guarantees. An opportunity to understand what happens in the afterlife, and how we can all connect to our loved ones.
Did you know you can have different spirit guides, or spiritual team members, at different life stages and for different things, from creativity and job performance to resolving grief? Come learn the good and the bad about spirit guides: who they are, what they do for you, how to create the best partnership with them, and what to do when things go wrong. Experience a guided meditation to meet a member of your spiritual team. You will create a solid foundation to work with your spiritual team.
Jill M. Jackson
Spirituality > Mediumship
Recorded: May 16, 2017 at 09:30 pm EDT
Have you recently begun to see or sense Spirits around you? Have you started remembering that as a child you could see or sense Spirits? Did an event or near death experience change your life in an instant where you feel a deeper connection to the Other Side? Would you like to learn to create boundaries and you control this gift, rather than this gift controlling you? If so, this introduction workshop is for you! And who better to learn from than the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics? These are the things you will learn about in this workshop: The difference between a psychic and medium The difference between a mental medium, a physical medium, a trance medium, and a trance channel What is a gatekeeper and how to learn to connect to your personal gatekeeper? Meditation and the role this plays in Mediumship Chakras and Balancing Exercises Responsibility that comes with being of service to Spirit Various ways Spirit can make contact and how to recognize these communication channels The classes will include a lecture on each topic and time for questions. This is the introductory class that is a requirement to continue forward with Beginning Mediumship, Intermediate Mediumship, and Advance Mediumship. If you have any questions, Email or call 601-706-9644
Julie Geigle
Spirituality > Mediumship
Recorded: May 11, 2017 at 08:00 pm EDT
Join Julie Geigle, Susan Schueler & Lorri Walker international psychic mediums, as they come together to bring you messages of comfort and hope from your loved ones in spirit along with PSYCHIC ADVICE on career, romance and health. We will open with a short meditation called "Sitting in Your Power" to raise your vibrational frequency and help you align with your Divine life mission and soul purpose. Followed by questions about your life with Julie & Susan offering PSYCHIC INSIGHTS to help steer and direct you on your path. We will end with beautiful messages from your loved ones in spirit. This class will also highlight tips on how you too can communicate with your loved ones in heaven and your own angels and guides and continue this connection on your own.