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Spiritualist/Healer, OM times Radio host- circle of hearts show and Caretaker of ancient crystal skulls and ancient Buddhist religious relics I AM Allayah higher-dimensional self, but merged and integrated with my current human self. I am able to teach life and spiritual experiences that i have experienced myself in this incarnation. My clairvoyant and mediumship skills were evident when I entered this incarnation. My childhood was one of seeing energies and entities not visible to others. At this very young age I remembered my ability to heal, for a while I had shut down to blend in with others. In my twenties I had a spiritual reawakening and Kundalini experience. One of several spontaneous spiritual awakenings that lead me to follow the paths of several ancient mystery schools and followed the works especially of Lucius trust arcane esoteric school and community of world servers for the betterment of all Gaia lifeforms. In 1999 I experienced a serious health crisis and resulting NDE (near death experience). My life took a dramatic turn spiritually as a result. After my NDE I realized that I had not left this plane at that time because my soul had more that it wished to accomplish here on earth. Thus a new soul journey began, focussing on ancient relics reappeared for the ascension process and also formation of communities of light. I am a energy healer of many modalities and also a Hospice nurse and a birth doula.