Donna Martuge is an Educator, International Speaker, Strategic Intervention Coach, and best selling author, who has touched thousands of lives with inspiration, and dynamic, tools to help create change. For over twenty years, Donna has been inviting people to reach for more, recognize their potential and exceed any goals they would like to meet. She recognizes that many set their limits lower then what they are capable of creating. It is this awareness that drives her to teach and empower others. Formally trained in psychology, special education, behavior, leadership and training in many alternative healing and coaching modalities, she has ...See All


Doctorate in Education Leadership, Administration and Policy

Professional Diploma in Administration and Supervision

Master of Science in Community and School Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Additional Certifications:

Reiki Master
Certified Prayer Healer (Deborah King)
Certified Angel Card Reader
Bars Practitioner- Access Consciousness
Certified Medium
Certified Life Coach
Strategic Intervention/Results Coach- Robbins Maddanes Training

Experience and Distinctions


Martuge, D.J. (November, 2015). Evidence Based, Behavior Intervention Plans.

Martuge, D.J. (November, 2014). Writing legally defendable IEPs and evaluations. How to feel confident in CSE recommendations and paperwork. Presented to Student Support Staff and CSE Chairs.

Martuge, Donna. (May, 2013)What Else is Possible? Presentation- Denver Colorado

Martuge, D.J. & Dranoff, S. (August 2011) Risky Business-Can We Stop Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Violence in Middle School? Presented at American Psychological Association 119th Annual Convention.
Martuge, D.J. (November, 2011). The Seven Big Ideas of RTI. ...See All

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30 minutes Developing Intuition    ($45)

Intuition is like a muscle. It is a built in system intended to assist us in surviving and when we build the muscle, it assists us in thriving. Sessions include tools and activities to help you use and strengthen those muscles. Just like when you take care of your body, it takes care of you, intuition is part of our whole make-up. Include it in your daily life and your daily life will change.

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Life Mastery is about deliberately creating your life starting from where you are today and having a map to get you where you would like to be. In this class we will cover the importance of creating goals in four key areas in your life; 3 important steps to help you begin making those goals a reality; adding you to your daily life plan; crating an action plan to help you get momentum and monitor your own progress along the way.
This class is designed to help you become more aware of your own intuition, how it shows up, how to work with it to get information when you need it, and how to strengthen it and use it to help you have a bit more ease and confidence everyday. It does not matter if you are already familiar with intiuition or if you are quite familiar with it, there will be something for everyone in this class.
This class is designed to facilitate you towards some of your goals. We will identify your targets in a meausreable way, set goals and dates to help you reach your targets, monitor your progress, eliminate blocks along the way.