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From an early age growing up in Rome, Italy, Debbie felt that there was more to our existence than just the physical body. Always gazing towards the sky, she wondered why she felt this incredible love, connection and reverence burning inside. Debbie felt this instinctive knowledge which lead her to become an avid scholar of astrology, yoga, metaphysics and numerous mystical philosophies from the Rosicrucians to Kabbalah. In her work with private clients and in conducting classes and workshops, Debbie incorporates all her studies and Divination tools. She is currently co-owner of Zion Yoga Studio teaching yoga and meditation classes, ...See All


Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona, Tree of Life facilitator certification program.

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Relationships are the story of our lives, whether it be with our boss, our parents, our children, friends or lovers. We need to feel connected, loved, and understood. and be engaged in harmonious relationships. Our relationships play a big role in reflecting back to us our own personal soul evolution through our interactions, yet they can also be a source of great conflict and pain in our lives. Why? Why is it that we can either feel an immediate connection/attraction to someone or feel disharmony or conflict? What is it energetically that transpires in our relationships? Astrology is the study of man in relation to his environment, the telling of time and of life cycles. Man, animals, nature and the cosmos are all One and interact with one another energetically. As the planets move and rotate through our solar system, they create cosmic rhythms, vibrational frequencies that affect us and our interactions with the world around us and our relationships. So how do these various energies of the planets affect us personally and why? In this class we will discuss how planetary influences affect our relationships with those around us. We will discuss how to recognize potential partners, what influences our communications and interactions with others, and where we may find challenges in existing relationships.
Deborah Peluso
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Recorded: Nov 20, 2016 at 05:30 pm EDT
All Astrology, whether it be Western, Vedic or Chinese is a roadmap for healing. It is a system intelligently, graciously and lovingly designed as a tool for individual, as well as collective evolution. How is this accomplished? Through Will. And where do we find Will? In the peace and Oneness of our minds through meditation. Using our Will, we call upon the positive energies of the Universe to guide us in intuitive action/thought to counteract the negative influences we encounter as distractions in our daily lives. When the mind is calm in meditation, we open ourselves up to feel the energetic qualities of the planets and their aspects and the polarities they possess, as everything in life. It is our Will to decide which we choose to embrace and how to obtain the ability to lessen the effects and bring forth the positiveness of the influence. Signs and planets are the energy encoded into the DNA of the seed of our Soul, and all their respective energies are needed to make us whole. This is the guidance of our Natal birth charts. This class will focus on how to overcome the limitations of our birth charts to be guided towards healing in all aspects of our lives (relationships, work, health) individually and collectively as a global unit through the use of meditation.
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