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About This Class
Humans live in a world that does not exist, one that says we are guardians and caretakers in charge of the world. Instead, the world is a congregation of equals, where everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and opinions. Learn how to grow, heal, and thrive in this mindset which allows us to connect with a supportive, generous universe and to cooperate with all life for the welfare of our conscious, evolving planet. You will move more easily in the world, from tapping your intuition and creativity to living with a newfound confidence and comfort.
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I am strinivas naidu,i am hungry for spiritual freedom. my aim in life is figure out how the spirit and the universe works. i am currently searching for answers. learnt about angels,archangels,spirit guides and ascending master from books by doreen virtue, diana copper and other. i have completed reiki 1 and 2,and spiritual healing. i love angels.
Durban, ZAF
Happy Valley, OR 97015, USA