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***THIS GROUP IS NOW CLOSED/PRIVATE - VISITORS WELCOME!*** SPIRITUAL PROSPECTING FOR SPIRITUAL GOLD! *If you would like to be a "visitor" to the team and see if you "vibe with your tribe," please message me here on LIL, Facebook, or send an email to: mjlainhart@comcast.net Welcome! This closed group will meet online on a weekly basis for Spiritual Development, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Transformation, and Spiritual Exercises. This is a peer-led model of teaching and is not open to the public. Marc Lainhart will lead/start the online class, and is the site administrator for this page. Wednesday's at: 6pm PST 7pm MT 8pm CST 9PM EST REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE: 1. Email for directions on how to complete registation 2. Strong Wifi/Internet connection 3. Computer (video streaming is preferred) but phone conference lines are available 4. Microphone (built in computer mics are fine - but headsets, microphones, and ear buds are preferred) 5. Google Chrome or Firefox is the preferred and recommended Browser to use when logging into the online classroom 6. No Ego, Competition, or Judgment allowed 7. Weekly dedication to self, group, spirit 8. Have fun...Be "child like" and learn to connect with the world of Spirit Namaste, ~Marc Happy Prospecting The Intuitive Prospector MarcLainhart.com
This class with focus on level one of Awakening, Awareness, and Intuition with Metaphysical teacher and professional Spiritual Psychic Medium, Marc Lainhart - The Intuitive Prospector Marc Lainhart is an internationally distinguished, and tested Spiritual Psychic-Medium. Marc's work as a Radio Show Host, Hiking Guide, Certified Scuba Diver, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, Certified Healthcare Provider, and Writer are to serve, heal, guide, teach, transform, and inspire others in connecting to spirit, self, and this wonderful world around us! With his own Near Death Experience (NDE) and several personal tragedies, Marc has spent the last several years deciphering and demystifying the sensational subject matter of death and dying, and now strives to help others from around the world tap into and flex their own intuitive muscles and abilities MarcLainhart.com
Radio. Webinars. Spiritual Consulting. Mediumship. Meditation. Metaphysics. Mindfullness. Hiking. Diving. Prospecting! www.MarcLainhart.com Religions are beliefs based on other peoples Soul Adventures and experiences...Spirituality is living, feeling, and experiencing your own Soul Adventure. ~The Intuitive Prospector Journey with Metaphysical teacher and professional Spiritual Psychic-Medium Marc Lainhart The Intuitive Prospector as he Prospects with you in this one hour workshop focused on TUNING-UP YOUR INTUITION. Through our own life experiences, we build and form the foundations on our notion of what spirituality really is. In many ways our beliefs and learned behaviors can drive our everyday reality, thoughts, judgments, and opinions. No right or wrong way to approach this subject of spiritual living, just a simple workshop focused on helping you see, feel, hear, sense, and guide you to the many inspiring and positive lessons and blessings of spirit we experience every single day here on earth. Looking for answers, new ideas and exercises, healthy living, guidance, direction, peace, meditation, and a deeper understanding of the world around you, then this is the workshop for you! Spiritual Prospecting for Spiritual Gold! Want more SPIRITUAL PROSPECTING, then please sign up for my e-Newsletter: SOUL ADVENTURES! https://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001tBTefUR1Twzlz0PvSwKTgorbpqp6b3eih9K2_TkyjUpMYIcDoMOdo2y00X2g2ikdK18uSUO0Xy5NJNwtVq2r3pfT7MAYjbTWA49sdrQh6nry5vzBLmhomPRI_jrxM7ZtGt72eJCU48RHW5rJRtka-67bHst9dgcEQyruTCtT7OJcK6agMI8xpQ1AKxG8T3wZlD8-L0YWgaMZGs4k4EHMlH6iCUXvSfpweCLKBLrFZWZOi9NlRI3Fog%3D%3D Inspired Living Radio - Live Internet Radio Show: http://omtimes.com/iom/shows/inspired-living/ Facebook Live - Metaphysical Mocha Mondays at 8am PST / 11am EST: http://www.facebook.com/TheIntuitiveProspector/ CLOSED Facebook Page: SOUL ADVENTURES!: http://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulAdventures/ Twitter @MarcLainhart or @inspired4us Instagram @intuitiveprospector or @inspied4us Google+ @MarcLainhart LinkedIn: @MarcLainhart WordPress Blog: @TheIntuitiveProspector Turn up your ears. Turn down your mouth. Shut off your mind. Open up your heart. Let the loudness of life be replaced with the quietness and peace of the universe and the guidance and knowledge of spirit. -Marc Lainhart www.MarcLainhart.com
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EMOTO FOUNDATION research-recognised and HONORARY MEMBER OF PSI SCIENCE INSTITUTE JAPAN. Tracey Ash believes genius evolution clues lie within our ancient origins. Ancient Egypt expert and premier conferences speaker. Humanity Healing and Reality Revolution projects are launched at THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, ULURU, TOKYO, STONEHENGE & MT FUJI to aid rEVOLTIONARY evolution. Immaculate cutting-edge 5D technologies overhaul your energy systems, reality, awareness, health and wellbeing. My mission is to aid you in activating your highest frequency destiny and future for positive change. Tracey Ash has over two decades of high-level industry experience delivering outstanding training in U.K., USA, EGYPT, JAPAN. She headlines at Tokyo's premier EXPO for 1000 audience in 2017 following in the steps as GELLER & CHOPRA. EMOTO FOUNDATION research-recognised and HONORARY MEMBER OF PSI SCIENCE INSTITUTE JAPAN. Tracey Ash believes genius evolution clues lie within our ancient origins. Ancient Egypt expert and premier conferences speaker. Humanity Healing and Reality Revolution projects are launched at THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, ULURU, TOKYO, STONEHENGE & MT FUJI to aid rEVOLTIONARY evolution. The purpose is to be outstanding in our spirituality, vision and values that honour living. This training takes us beyond low frequency that keeps us small. Training opens gateways to living and giving beyond. Incredible structures of training deliver the transformation that redefines who you are! We must be healed and trained responsibly. This is the only way to create the progress you dream of. The ancient Egyptians spoke of ZEN TEPI, BEFORE THE TIME: history thousands of years before the First Dynasty. We can use this knowledge to evolve us today. Expert in POWER SITES, DESTINY & MISSION, AWARENESS & PSI, ANCIENT WISDIM TRADITIONS, MIRACLES OF TRANSFORMATION & AWAKENING. MEDITATION, CHANNELLING, LOVE, HIGH FREQUENCY HEALING, ZERO-POINT. * One of the finest HIGH FREQUENCY frontier teachers of her generation. She teaches FAST, EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE 'HOW TO' AND APPROACHES TO MIRACLES OF CHANGE * KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: NEW FRONTIERS OF MISSION, TRANSFORMATION, AWAKENING, MANIFESTATION & GLOBAL POSITIVE CHANGE. * Principal of seven schools in Japan, UK and Egypt: Mastery School, Awareness School, Mystery School, Manifest Love, Life Vision School, Celestial Healing, School of Divine teaching thousands of individuals. Three decades of consciousness research in awareness and transformation technologies. * EGYPT & JAPAN TOURS awakening and inspiring new frontiers of transformation, mission and positive-change contribution. * 16000+ life purpose readings since 1999. * Tracey Ash (BA PGCE) is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan, author of academic papers and active in scientific research. * FREE HUMANITY HEALING PROJECT- OM TIMES * REALITY REVOLUTION- PREMIER POWER-SITES REALITY R5VOLUTION PROJECT * Active earth power-site researcher at some of the most important sites to accelerate individual and planetary healing. Japan, Egypt and UK sites are visited ten times a year. Committed to the true story of our history, she works with power sites as key planetary healing stabilisers. The science of ancient wisdom redefines new humanity pathways. * Best-selling author Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing: The Source Codes for High Frequency Amazon Number 1. * OM TIMES COVER STORY DECEMBER 2015. 1999-2016: she has worked with OM TIMES, Mind Body Spirit Festival London, Conscious Life Expo LA, The First Global Pyramid Conference USA, Tree of Life UK, Conscious Living Events UK, The Society of Psychical Research UK, Kindred Spirit, Mind Body Soul London, London College of Spirituality, Synchronicity Japan, Natural Spirit Japan, DynaVision Japan, Voice Inc Japan, CUTTING EDGE DOCUMENTARY C4, College of Psychic Studies UK. She is a regular guest on IN THE SPIRIT RADIO.
Marc Lainhart is an international and tested Spiritual Medium. Marc is also a Radio Show Host on OMTimes Radio, Hiking Guide, Certified Diver, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, Writer, and offers courses on LearnItLive. He uses his gifts to guide, transform, and inspire others in connecting to self, spirit, and the world around us! For more Spiritual Prospecting, visit him at his website marclainhart.com. Marc is the co-host of Inspired Living, Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET on OMTimes Internet Radio.
Best selling author, speaker, teacher, mentor and radio personality, over the last thirty years, Dr. Kevin has been an early innovator in both the business and private sectors. Throughout the late seventies and eighties, he introduced the importance of formalized training for all levels of employees and wrote then implemented formalized training systems in multiple industries. He then created communication programs and critical thinking based management development programs. Moving into the personal growth, human potential, and alternative health fields in the early nineties he was one of the first to not only introduce the concept of coaching into his practice but one of the only ones to seamlessly integrate coaching and counseling as a single process. He has studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and healing systems and assimilated them into his work. In 2000, his groundbreaking, award-winning book Managing The Gift: Alternatives Approaches For Attentions Deficit Disorder, introduced the idea of ADD/ADHD as an evolutionary process not a disability. He teaches five times a year at an MBA level boot camp for growing and emerging business owners. He speaks throughout the US and Europe on the importance of alternative choices in healthcare, spiritual development and maximizing human potential. He has over a dozen books, DVD’s and CD’s out, a movie has had a radio show (The Dr Kevin Show) for over a dozen years and now a TV show (Web Of Light). He lives in Nashua NH with his partner Jeff and an irascible cat named Maharajah (Raj) who keeps things interesting.