Intuitive, Mentor, Speaker and Featured Writer at OmTimes Magazine, Veronica Lee has shared life-changing insights and guidance with thousands around the world. Believing joy comes from living an integrated life, Veronica focuses her work on embracing our whole selves; whether making peace with imperfections, taking new steps, or awakening inherent spiritual gifts. Her empowering style of teaching offers practical tools in addition to deeply insightful support.

Experience and Distinctions

For over 10 years, Veronica has been working professionally in the Intuitive Arts:
- Direct Intuitive
- Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher
- Spiritual Evolution Mentor
- Intuitive Skills Instructor
- Inspirational Speaker

Raised in a metaphysical household, Veronica began practicing various mystical arts as a child, including:
- Visualization
- Manifesting
- Meditation
- Hands On Healing
- Psychic Skills
- Positive Affirmations


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In this experiential 90-minute class you will learn fundamental, empowering tools to utilize your intuition with greater ease. In addition to recognizing your natural tendencies - i.e. visual, auditory, empathic - you will learn ways to ground, center, shield and open to your "clair" (clear) senses. To deepen your metaphysical experience you will be guided to access your own Akashic Records, an etheric and highly refined energy field of Love and Wisdom, enabling you to expand your consciousness and intuitive awareness.
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Learn the basics of Manifesting and how Allowing plays a huge part in the process of bringing forth that which you desire. We will take a look at Manifesting from the ego vs. from the soul and why some things are harder to "create" than others. You will gain simple tools and clarity to help re-ignite your intention and inherent power.
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